Make it Cheaper

Space-based products have more performance and safety and reliability verification requirements than ground-based products, and their project costs are very high.

Space Cubics is a "JAXA Startup" company to produce a high-reliability computer for satellites or other space products, incorporating techniques accumulated through operations at International Space Station (ISS) by Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Our products are easy to use, ready to use for start-ups and serious space industries.  We will significantly reduce the project cost of developing space product.

Make it Easier

Even if you have excellent technology, developing of space product is not easy for companies and organizations without space development experience. Even if companies are interested in space development, there are many cases that they don't know what they should  have started with. As a result, they often hesitate to involve in space field at the planning phase. Space Cubics provides total support for space development so that companies interested in space can easily enter space field.

Anyone in Space

Space Cubics makes it easy to enter space development by providing space computer with low-cost and total support, and contributes to increase the private space industry. The goal of Space Cubics is to create a new business by rapidly expanding the need for space as many companies, organizations and even individuals enter space development.

And one day, the hotel will be built on the moon, aiming to realize the era when anyone can go to space.


Yasushi Shoji

Daisuke Sasaki

Daisuke Sasaki


Software Engineer

He graduated from Salem State Univ., MA, USA in 2000. Since 2002 he has been engaged in developing embedded CPU boards. Making full use of his extensive knowledge and experience, he is in charge of development of comprehensive software for the space drone in 2016.

Daisuke Sasaki

Daisuke Sasaki

Daisuke Sasaki


LSI Logic Engineer

He has experienced a wide range of design processes in LSI development at domestic semiconductor companies for 11 years since 2001. Since 2013, he has experienced the development of embedded CPU board with LSI designed by himself and has knowledge area up to software.

Masayuki Goto

Daisuke Sasaki

Fumito Morishima


Space System Engineer

Since 2002 he has engaged in manned space development at JAXA. He is responsible for numerous equipment development projects to be installed in the International Space Station and has development, launch and operation experience in a wide field. He aims for the development of space development from both JAXA and the private company.

Fumito Morishima

Fumito Morishima

Fumito Morishima


Sales, Finance Control

From 2000 to 16 years, he was involved in development, sales, marketing and management at an embedded CPU board maker and acquired a wide range of business skills. He also has a business in Southeast Asia and has connections with Asia.

Takuya Sasaki

Fumito Morishima

Takuya Sasaki


Software Engineer, Sales

Since 1998 he has been engaged in development of network management system for government offices mainly as software engineer of domestic electric machine maker. As an FAE of embedded CPU board maker since 2013, he has supported the development and mass production of many customers.

Company Information

Space Cubics, LLC.

Venture Square 302, 2-1, Higashi 3 Minani, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0053, JP