Space Cubics careers

We are always looking forward to meet people to work with.  If you get interested in, please drop us a line via an application form.

Space Cubics was founded by engineers who had been working in space and computer industries.  We design and do engineering computers for outer space with our passion, joy, and love.

Some people are specialized in space engineering and some are specialists in computer architecture or digital logic circuit. And others are software hackers.  Every engineer is a specialist in their filed. However, we know that even if you are a top-notch engineer in your field, there is a bunch of problems and tasks you can't solve by yourself.  That's why we founded our company to tackle the problem we are trying to solve.  We strive to pursue self-improvement as

engineers and human beings to provide great improvements to our lives.

Space Cubics at the moment is still small and not strong enough to achieve big goals we have in our mind.  If you are interested in designing, development or sales of space crafts especially in the field of computer science, communications, propulsion, structures, thermal fluid analysis or system engineering, or bored working on computers for earth environment, or not doing engineering work for various reasons, please drop us a line.  We are always interested in a coffee chat with you. If you like criticizing the others without countermeasure, or look down upon the others, we respectfully request you, with excellent skills and career, to refrain from applying.

Full-time position/Internship

Hardware Engineer

  • Circuit Design and Development
  • Reliability Design (Inc. single event)

FPGA Engineer

  • CPU Design
  • Communication Protocol Design and Development

Software Engineer

  • Low layer development including OS porting and device drivers
  • Design and Development for Space Application and Communication Protocol
  • Test Environment Development

Communication Engineer

  •  Communication Design between Space Product and Ground
  •  Ground Station Development

Future Positions

Structural Engineer

Propulsion Engineer

Thermal Fluid Engineer

System Engineer



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