Product Concept

Cost-saving vs Reliability

Our products reduce your total budget for developing a space product. It is often the case that a project uses cheap single board computers because of the limited budget. But the decision may affect whether your mission succeed or not. Or even using radiation hardened parts doesn't solve all of your mission problems nor prevents any crashes of your space product, either. Don't you want to increase reliability with low cost? 

Fault tolerance

In general, almost all of high-reliability products do not have failure tolerant function. Even if a space-graded high-reliability product is used, it's often the case that the computer is failed by single events in space. If the system will be freezed, you can not fix it from the Earth. On the other hand, our product is built on the idea of recovery from failures and has many failure tolerant functions. For instance, it will handle TMR (Triple modular redundancy) and hot/cold standby replication. The failure tolerant functions detect malfunction caused by radiation effects or software bugs in real-time, then it is recovered to normal state.   

Easy of use

Best thing about our product is that all you have to do is to write your mission software and decide your command set, then just forget about everything else. In addition to the failure tolerant function, our products have other useful functions, such as ISS compatible network protocol, TTEthernet and popular middle-ware ROS or cFS. Furthermore, we can custom-design software/CPU board/FPGA as you would like to change.

Space Cubics supports the success of your mission.

Demo Video

Prototype of space graded COTS computer developed by Space Cubics. 

This system has particularly following functions;

- Redundant data storage

- Triple Modular Redundancy

- Failure detection and recovery

- Compatibility to space graded communication protocol

- Real-time video distribution

Target Specification

Basic Specification

Basic Specification

Basic Specification

・On-board CPU/FPGA

・Support cFS/ROS


・ESD Resistance: over 4kV

・Usage Temperature: -40 - +85 degC


Basic Specification

Basic Specification

ECC Memory, Data redundancy storage, Watchdog, Program consistency check, Program redundancy, Command telemetry matching check,  Triple Modular Redundancy, Physical redundancy configuration, Over current/Over voltage/Over temperature protection, Remote update


Basic Specification

Space Related Design

- Compatible to Requirement of Flammability, Off gas, Sharp edge, Shatterable material material, EMC (SSP 30237 compliant), Battery safety (EP-Form available) and Wire size 

- Low voltage, Low current consumption

- No rotating device, No movable device

- Software safety (Only General requirements of CBCS requirement)

- Security function

Space Related Design

Space Related Design

Space Related Design

No liquid capacitor, Conformal coating, ISS "Kibo" Module Ethernet (LEHX) specification compliant, TTEthernet compatible


Space Related Design


- Vacuum resistance: 0.13 x 10 ^ (-7) to 1.034 atm

- Structure: HTV, SpaceX, Cygnus launch assumed


Space Related Design


Parts list, Material list (MIUL), Structural analysis report, Thermal analysis report, Electrical design specifications, Derating analysis report, Equivalent circuit model, Software design specifications, Support data of Safety Assessment Report, FMEA report, Drawing, Inspection report, User manual, Ethernet packet data


Since our product is currently under development, specifications may be changed. Please contact us if you have a request because we want to incorporate many user requests.